Our ‘Anonymous’ Surveys?

Our anonymous surveys are designed so the respondents to the survey can do so in the knowledge that the answers that they give will remain anonymous and their names will not be stored with the responses. These surveys are limited to one response per computer. The system will track (but not store) the IP address and will only allow one response to that survey. These types of surveys are generally used for customer satisfaction surveys, where customer’s names are not required. These are not suitable for surveys that may be sent to people working in office environments.

Our ‘Login and Password’ Surveys?

The ‘Login and Password’ surveys are as they sound, the survey will be sent including a login and password, these details will need to be entered before the respondent is allowed to take the survey. These can still remain anonymous or you can choose to ask the respondent to enter their first and last name. These type of surveys are great for staff engagement surveys, induction surveys or customer feedback campaigns

Our ‘Recipient Specific’ Surveys?

The recipient specific surveys are sent to the respondents via email as all other surveys, but when they click the link to access the survey they will need to enter their first and last name along with their email address. The system will only allow them to take the survey once the system will record their answers specific to each respondent. These surveys are also great for staff satisfaction surveys, training survey requirements as well as customer feedback and engagement surveys that do not require anonymity.

Our Secret Customer Surveys?

Our secret customer surveys are great for market research. After you have written your survey you can choose from our pool of secret customers to participate in the survey. You can choose from a range of demographics filters such as age groups, sex and geographical location. These types of surveys are excellent for market research campaigns perhaps when looking to introduce a new product into the market place or looking to open new stores in a certain location. The possibilities are endless.

Our ‘On-line Test’ option?

Our online testing facilities open a whole new dimension to our customers. You can set up on-line tests for your employees or students. Once you have written the test you can send it to the respondents just like you do a survey. The test will have correct and incorrect answers and once complete a certificate will be issued to the respondent with their relevant scores. You can choose to allow them to take the test once or as many times as you see fit. All scores and answers are store next to the respondents records. These on-line tests can be used in numerous ways such as on-line job application as a filter for current knowledge or for any test where specific answers are required.


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