Secret Customer Australia Pty Ltd

Secret Customer Surveys is an Australian owned survey website operated by Secret Customer Australia Pty Ltd. Secret Customer Australia is a mystery shopping company dedicated to making the world a happier place one customer at a time. The survey and on-line testing website is simply one of the many tools we use to help companies collect data about their reputation in the market place. Our surveys are used for communicating with both customers and staff and our clients then use this information for improving the services they offer.

If you are interested in finding out more about our mystery shopping programs then why not visit our website:

Why become a Secret Customer Surveys registered participant?

Our clients have the option to invite their own customers and staff to take part in their surveys but they also have the option to survey our database of registered consumers (you). This can take the form of market research, product testing or just a general opinion on their company. If you would like to register to take part in these surveys, click here and register your details. When our clients request the service you will be emailed the details of the survey and a link to participate. You views and opinions count. From time to time, as a registered survey participant, you will be emailed special promotions and/or discount vouchers just for being registered! Come on! Get involved!   –  Register Here!

Can I register to become a Mystery Shopper?

YES! Absolutely! We welcome everybody to apply to be a Mystery Shopper with our parent company Secret Customer Australia. As a mystery shopper you get to go out into the world enjoying the things you normally would and the best bit is you get paid for it! It’s not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows of course; there is a serious side to it all. We are providing an invaluable service to our clients and helping them monitor and improve the service they offer to their clients. All secret customer programs are not the same! Go to the website to find out more:

Where can I get some?

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